There are 3 kinds of groups that you can connect with at Newpath Durham:


GROW groups are based on the Bible or topics and books that are based on Biblical principles. These can range from Bible studies to prayer groups to book discussions.  The focus is on spiritual growth.


SERVE groups are focused on meeting the needs of our Community and Congregation. Whether this is serving meals at the Durham Rescue Mission or doing yard work at the home of an elderly person, we want serving to be a primary part of who we are!


FUN groups are all about relationships! Get to know one another in a relaxed atmosphere. Meet with a group to have a cup of coffee, see a movie, or play kickball at the park! Having fun together is a huge part of knowing others and being known by others, and is the foundation of community life!

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NewPath Durham plays an active, ongoing role in missions, not only locally, but all over the world.   Several of our own have answered the call to full-time missions. Newpath Durham supports-- financially, hands on, and with prayer--not only those called out from our body but many other local and international ministries. Through our missions giving we currently support numerous ministries, including--but not limited to--Bible translation, ministry to the deaf, Child Evangelism Fellowship, Emergency Chaplains, ministry to international students, Compassion International, Operation Christmas Child shoe box ministry, a school in Kenya, a school right across the street--E. K. Powe, hurricane relief, and the list goes on...

Join with us and learn more about the work being done.



Currently Suspended due to COVID -19! 

SPLASH is our ministry to Preschool and Elementary age children and is "under construction."   We try to make this environment as creative and exciting as possible, with worship music, Bible stories, crafts, and special "characters" who make occasional appearances to teach the kids spiritual lessons through their areas of expertise.


We believe that reaching kids requires more than just good curriculum.  It requires relationships.   Children need relationships with other children, but also relationships with adults that they can talk to, pray with, confide in, and learn from.


Most of all, however, we hold to the idea that we are partnering with parents to teach their children to walk in godly ways.  We get the chance to impact their lives once a week, for about 40 minutes.  But our ministry can't compare -- in terms of either time or influence -- to the ministry that you, the parents, can have with your kids.  As parents, you are positioned to be the best teachers your children ever have, and make a greater impact on their lives than anyone else!  So, we see ourselves as partners: we get the conversation started on Sunday mornings, so that you can have a starting-point to teach your kids and talk with them throughout the week.


The SPLASH area is located in the downstairs of our building.  If you journey down the stairs, just follow our multicolored hallways until they turn light blue, and you'll be there!  Kids get to stay in our regular church service through most of the music worship time.  Watch for an announcement on the screen during the service when it’s time for the kids to venture down with their leaders to SPLASH.